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Terminator Salvation [Review]

Sorry that I’m a bit late on the review, but unfortunately today was the first day I had to actually go see the movie.

First, the good stuff: It’s an excellent summer action movie, and it will probably hold it’s own against the second Transformers. But… that’s about it. Seriously. The fact is, it’s a fine film on it’s own. Not great, but not particularly terrible either. But when compared to the rest of the now-quadrilogy, you realize why people hated T3 so much-it’s just slightly worse, but that slightly is enough to put a wedge between it and the fans. This article makes some excellent points about why it just doesn’t feel like a Terminator film.

There are a few problems with the film evem when it’s not compared to the rest of the series, like the fact they call McG a director. And the actors bring nothing to the role. When you’re watching the film, you’re not like “That’s John Connor fighting the machines”, you’re like “That’s Christian Bale fighting the machines.” It’s what I call “the Christian Bale effect”-anything with Christian Bale in it doesn’t have that character, it just has Christian Bale.

But I keep mocking Christian Bale, and he’s not the only problem. For the most part, you just begin hating all the characters. Sure, there’s a few characters that you like, but they’re exceptions.

Oh yeah, the Governator cameo isn’t worth it.

So, the verdict: a good summer action film where a poor director trades character development for explosions. Boy, are there a lot of those.

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RussianMac: Like Psystar, but Russian

A lot of people try to make “fake Macs.” No, not Hackintoshes. Those are hacked versions of Mac OS X that run on PCs that normally run Windows/Linux. “Fake Macs” are PCs that are mass-produced, run Mac OS X, and do not have an Apple logo. Wait, what?

I could go on about the long and confusing reasons Mac OS X doesn’t just magically work on most PC hardware, but the basis is they don’t have BIOS (look it up). Instead they use EFI, which “fake Macs” also use. These “fake Macs” are built by companies that are trying to screw Apple by selling Mac OS X on non-Apple hardware.

The newest of these “fake Mac” companies is RussianMac, a Russian company that, obviously, makes fake Macs. However, they will unfortunately probably go the way of Psystar, an American company that tried to do the same thing. Psystar went into Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, but this was possibly part of a plot to avoid legal proceedings with Apple (who was trying to sue).

So build your own Hackintosh, basically.

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PvP… Now Monthly

Well, we’ve been under a lot of stress here at Mac v. PC, such as the Tumblr curfuffle and the new Mac Mon./ Windows Wed. series. So we haven’t gotten a lot of time for PvP. So now I have decided to turn PvP into a monthly series at the first of every month, effective June 1st, 2009. If it looks like we have more time on our hands, we may publish extras on an irregular basis, but otherwise it is monthly.

To cubsfan555: I understand you will be mad about my making another management decision without you, but I’m sure you will find it makes sense.
To Da Mad Dok: I don’t think it makes sense at all.  Oh well, that’s your choice.

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Zune HD: Real, As In iPhone Killer

Yep, Zune HD is real, as thankfully reported by Engadget Gizmodo (sorry). So while you go sell a kidney to buy an iPhone, I’ll be buying one of these. Oh okay, iPhones probably won’t be that much more expensive than these, and the final feature set of the HD will be similar to the Apple phone. But I still feel excited that Microsoft actually announced it.

Edit: Okay, so the title is a little deceiving, because, as of yet, the Zune HD has no announced phone or camera capabilities. But I still think it can go head-to-head with the iPod touch, at least.

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Ovi Store Opened; Really, Nokia?

So… Nokia’s Ovi Store was opened earlier this morning… and really, I don’t care.

I know, I’m supposed to be writing good things about whatever a company’s doing (unless of course everyone else is mocking them too), but this time, I don’t care. Nokia’s a great company, but do they really expect people to buy apps for Nokia phones and only Nokia phones?

More to the point is that the App Store, and, to a lesser extent, the Android Marketplace, hold a stranglehold on the app store market. And the field is about to get a whole lot more crowded with the Windows Mobile Marketplace.

So this time, I’ll just say… don’t, Nokia. Don’t embarass yourselves. You don’t see Motorola or LG opening app stores for their phones.

And if good things happen, well, you’re pretty lucky.

Update: Yes, I know there’s Symbian, yadda yadda, but I really think the app store market is too crowded to take too many more app stores. So please stop. I don’t want an LG Store. Please. It’ll be named 445237425693Abhfbasjdhfas if I know LG.

Update 2: I say that about LG because most of their older phones are called “LG4300” or somethign long and annoying like that.

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Mac Monday: Edition 1

In today’s Mac Monday we will take a look at the Dock.  This is one of my favorite features of Mac OS X.  For those of you who don’t know, the Dock is essentially a little box on the edge of your screen that has all of your applications (you can pick which ones you want to appear in it).  To open one, all you have to do is click on its icon.  I like this much better than having all of your applications on the desktop or buried in some folder because it means less time spent opening things, and more time doing things [translation: more organized].  If you are worried about the Dock taking up precious screen space, don’t fret!  You can hide the Dock so it will only appear when you put your cursor on the edge of the screen.  Let’s see what Da_Mad_Dok has to say to that… on Windows Wednesday!

Edit: Looks like the Mac Monday/Windows Wednesday series has been stranded… at least for now.

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Public Service Announcement

The Mac Monday/Windows Wednesday series is slated for a start on Monday, May 25 with the first ever Mac Monday!!!

Edit: The Mac Monday/Windows Wednesday series has been stranded… for now.

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