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JellyCar… I Love JellyCar

July 10, 2009 Leave a comment

I love my iPhone. I’m typing this from the iPhone, in fact. But more to the point, I’d like to bring up one of my favorite apps so far: JellyCar. Cheapskate PC gamers may recognize it; it was a semi-popular (free) game that was called JelloCar. It’s actually quite a fun game, and if you can find I recommend downloading it. But anyways, back to JellyCar for iPhone. It plays quite simply; touch the left side of the screen to move left, and touch the right side to move right. You can also tilt either way to actually tilt your car in-game, thanks to the accelerometer. One word of advice, however; it requires a Wi-Fi connection or a connection to iTunes because it’sĀ over a megabyte.

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A Podcast? Are You Guys Nuts?!

No, we haven’t jumped ship and abandoned sanity… Yet. Or at least cubsfan hasn’t. But anyways, I might be doing a podcast about technology in the same vein of this blog. So when and where I put them (or it, more correctly), I will update all the good folks that read this poor little blog.

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An iPhone and a Tech Blogger Walk Into A Store…

If you couldn’t tell by the title (I didn’t expect anyone to), I’ve fianlly got my hands on an iPhone. Well, a bit early thanks to the fact that the 3Gs were very limited and… well anyways, I’ve finally gotten one, and so might start a series about them soon. Da Mad Dok out.

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