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Bamboo Pen Tablet [Review]

June 1, 2009 2 comments

I’m having trouble writing this review. I’m not sure why, maybe because today is when we’re supposed to start the new monthly PvP series and I’m not ready. But the point is that the Bamboo deserves the best review I can write. It’s just that good.

For one thing, it doesn’t take up much space (I’m reviewing the Small version, but that is the most common form). I’ve used huge pen tablets before that need another table just to sit on. This is small enough that you can safely put it next to your keyboard, and it’s durable enough that you can use your regular mouse on it. In fact, some of the more expensive versions even come with a laser mouse packaged. It’s advertised that it feels like paper, which it does, but that doesn’t seem like a huge selling point. It does have touch sensitivity (the harder you press, the darker the shade) which is useful for a few drawing programs, and it works perfectly with Windows Vista’s built-in pen tablet capabilities (like Microsoft Journal or a handwriting-recognition inserts), but since I don’t have a Hackinotsh/Macintosh set-up, I can’t tell you how well it works with OS X.

I also like the customizable buttons on the tablet, but I wish I could program mouse buttons to them (like the scroll wheel, which is still a problem-you have to manually move the scollbars, which doesn’t work very well). Overall, it’s a steal at only $50 (or $80 for bundled software such as Photoshop Elements and Corel Painter), and the only huge problem I could see is people not getting it because they just don’t need it.

Verdict: Buy or die! (Which is the highest reward we can give.)

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Terminator Salvation [Review]

Sorry that I’m a bit late on the review, but unfortunately today was the first day I had to actually go see the movie.

First, the good stuff: It’s an excellent summer action movie, and it will probably hold it’s own against the second Transformers. But… that’s about it. Seriously. The fact is, it’s a fine film on it’s own. Not great, but not particularly terrible either. But when compared to the rest of the now-quadrilogy, you realize why people hated T3 so much-it’s just slightly worse, but that slightly is enough to put a wedge between it and the fans. This article makes some excellent points about why it just doesn’t feel like a Terminator film.

There are a few problems with the film evem when it’s not compared to the rest of the series, like the fact they call McG a director. And the actors bring nothing to the role. When you’re watching the film, you’re not like “That’s John Connor fighting the machines”, you’re like “That’s Christian Bale fighting the machines.” It’s what I call “the Christian Bale effect”-anything with Christian Bale in it doesn’t have that character, it just has Christian Bale.

But I keep mocking Christian Bale, and he’s not the only problem. For the most part, you just begin hating all the characters. Sure, there’s a few characters that you like, but they’re exceptions.

Oh yeah, the Governator cameo isn’t worth it.

So, the verdict: a good summer action film where a poor director trades character development for explosions. Boy, are there a lot of those.

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