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Need A New Twitter App? Go to oneforty.

October 11, 2009 Leave a comment

The Twitter API is almost as popular as the Facebook App API, if not more. Of course, if you’re wondering whether to use Twitter app 1 or Twitter app 2, are you going to let the voice of the masses on Twitter decide, or are you going to let the voice of the masses of Twitter decide while you watch from the observatory that is oneforty?*

So what is oneforty? It breaks down to a reviews site where people review Twitter apps. There’s a number of categories to look under, plus if you’re signed in with OAuth, you can submit a review (plus a 1-to-5 star rating) or simply tweet that you checked it out.

It’s all a very interesting system, and considering the competition to get in the top ten apps**, I don’t think oneforty is going away anytime soon.

*In retrospect, that was a very awkward way to start the post.

**Say, I wonder why is constantly in the number one spot? Oh, that’s right, it’s used by every person on this planet that uses Twitter.

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